Recording the changes to Canbet's business records

This page will serve as a record of Peter Raymond Lord's business dealings because it's important to keep track of the many changes he and Graeme Colin White are making to Canbet.

There are many, many Canbet customers who are still owed large amounts of money and the last official statement from the "Board of Directors" in March 2014 was that they wanted to ensure we were paid.

CANBET SPORTS BOOKMAKERS UK LIMITED has been changed to 4607216 LIMITED with the date of change being shown as 11/08/2014 on

On the 4th February 2014 the Company Extract of Interactive Gaming and Sports Pty Ltd (purchased directly from the ASIC) showed that Peter Raymond Lord lived at

'Newton Park', Lot 11 Princes Highway, KEMBLA GRANGE NSW 2526

It also showed that Graeme Colin White (the other Canbet director) lived at

Unit 3207, 100 Harbour Esplanade, DOCKLANDS VIC 3008

Judging by listings on Australian websites both properties have now been sold so their new addresses should show on the ASIC paperwork shortly.

Also, CANBET UK LIMITED has been changed to AA6559609 LIMITED on 19th August 2014.

*Update April 2015*

New changes to both 4607216 Limited and AA6559609 LIMITED:


There's been a large amount of activity around Canbet, Peter Lord and Graeme White since the last update.

Somebody has created a load of blogs around the keywords "Peter Lord of Canbet" in what appears to be an attempt to control that same term in the Google search engine results pages.

Trying to read the text is painful because this phrase is inserted multiple times in each blog post.

There are also some new sites which catalogue Peter Lord's business activities over the past few years. These are:

The domain name has been sold at auction and was picked up by a British domain name investor, according to the investor's Twitter account.

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Page first published 10th September 2014


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